About Us

"Le History"

Helping Brands Grow Since 2015

What can We say? When you love what you do you just keep doing it, right?!

Welcome to Shyne Marketing! We jumped into the game under our new brand in late 2019. We're made up of freelance designers and administrators who came together to form what we are today, A marketing agency! Our goal, is to provide: top quality customer service, reasonably priced services/products and of course to design cool functional websites that accurately represent your brand or company!

Our Difference

Freedom to Work Efficiently

With the awesome power of technology we are able to constantly keep at it. Our commitment to our clients is our Golden Stamp of quality assurance!

At Shyne Marketing we take our commitments seriously. We have faith in our clients and want them to do the same with us. We utilize technology to make the job faster and easier, that way we can get the job done right and on time. We will never leave you hanging, if you need us we'll be there.

Our Team

Collaborative & Proudly Talented

We work with the creatives, and the go getters. Talent is everywhere you just have to look for the ones who Shyne!

Multiple social platforms are being used for more than just selfies. Many popular apps like Facebook, instagram, Snapchat and many more are giving users a place to promote and interact with new creative brands!

Our Values

With more than 3 billion people on social media today there has never been more opportunity to get in touch with your customers!


We do honest work. No games, No hassle, No worries.


If there's a job we can't do we will find someone who can. Quality is our to concern.


What do you get when you put a bunch of creatives in a room together? A marketing agency! Get it?


We stay up to date on industry practices and are always look for more ways to improve.


We guarantee results. We are confident in the fact that we can market and promote your business/brand online!


Keeping up education is apart of being professional. We strive to constantly improve our service and company.

"It's Our time to Shyne..."

The Team

Shyne Marketing


Web Design/Content Creation/Marketing Specialist

Shyne Marketing (3)


S.E.O./Analytics/Copywriting Specialist



Office Administrator/Editor/Engagement Specialist

Life has taught me that attention can be both a gift and a curse. But as long as they're paying attention then who cares!

— M.W.Olen IV


We Strive to Provide High Quality Services in Budget

We are honest and here to work for those who need us. We offer competitive prices and are flexible. We're here to help. Thank you for your business!

Shyne Marketing is a Social Media Marketing Agency dedicated to the growth and success of its clients and community. We appreciate all of your support over the years and look forward to more opportunities to help you shine!


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