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Tap into the explosive follower growth, engagement and brand exposure short video marketing offers without taking on the stress of doing it yourself!

Our team is on top of all the latest trends and knows how to help businesses leverage short videos like TikToks, Instagram Reels and Facebook Reels in an effective way.

Short form, vertical videos are by far the most effective media type in today’s digital landscape.

They accommodate consumers’ dwindling attention span by captivating them and delivering a message all within seconds.

And consumers are responsive! Short videos are what resonate best with most target markets today.

64% of consumers said they purchased a product after watching social videos created by brands.

So if you’re to tap into that and start capitalizing on the most effective media type in today’s market, get started with our short video marketing services!

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What Is Short Video Management?

It’s no secret that short videos have taken the world by storm.

Whether we’re talking about TikTok management services, Instagram video management services like Reels or Facebook Reels, you can get the exposure and results you’re looking for with short form videos.

But where do you find the time to handle it all?! You can post videos all day, but you’re not going to see the results you’re looking for without a full and well-thought-out plan in place.

So short video management is more than just posting a TikTok.

Short video management includes hours and hours of customer research, competitor research, brainstorming and trend research before you even get to the content creation.

Our short video management takes care of all that groundwork for you, freeing up your time and also giving you peace of mind that you have professionals at the helm of your video campaign.

We give you everything you need to film your videos, and then we edit and publish the video you’ve filmed on whatever platforms you have signed up for.

We allow our clients to film the video themselves because social media users appreciate and respond to brand authenticity.

But trust that we will provide you with video ideas and give you step by step instructions on what to film.

We will also take the footage you give us and edit it optimally for the platform we publish it on.

Why Is Short Video Marketing Effective?

Did you know that 55% of consumers watch videos before making purchase decisions?

Or that one study found marketers who perform video marketing scale their revenue 49% quicker than those who don’t?

Those are some impressive numbers and would make a huge difference to a small business owner!

The reason short video marketing is so effective is threefold. #1
It allows for more authenticity between you as the business owner and your customer; adds a human element if you will.

Remember that as a small business owner, it’s all about building consumer brand trust.

86% of consumers say that authenticity is an important factor when deciding what businesses they want to support.

That says a lot about today’s consumers!

They want more than just a product description. They want to know everything they can about your business and the mission behind it.

Utilizing short form videos gives you a chance to answer those kind of questions and make that connection with consumers.

#2 It validates your business.

There are countless, sketchy websites selling things out there on the Internet.

We’ve all seen them.

The reason trust is so important for small business owners is because you’re having to first prove to consumers that you’re a real business and not a scam.

If customers are going to give you their payment information, or store credit card info on your website, they need to feel the same level of trust and comfort as they would doing so with a company like Nike.

Showing the ins and outs of your business, your staff, your “why,” and more on video gives instant credibility to your company.

#3 Short video is quick and easy to consume, making your customer more likely to consume it.

People’s attention spans are not growing; if anything, they’re shrinking.

Consumers are constantly scrolling through their social media for that dopamine hit, and short form videos are the best way to get their attention.

Keep in mind, however, that in order to get their attention and keep their attention, you need to have an amazing intro- something that really hooks them.

That’s where having a short video management service can be of use because we’re good at creating videos that do just that.

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The Different Short Video Marketing Platforms


It could be said that TikTok is the platform that started it all.

TikTok, formally known as the app is known for its entertaining trends, TikTok dances, informational videos, how-to’s and so much more.

It quickly grew to holding 1 billion users in a fraction of the time some of its rival platforms like Facebook and Instagram did.

Because of TikTok’s success with short form video, many other social media platforms took note and started following suit. Let’s take a look at those.

Instagram Reels

A lot of Instagram Reels are either TikToks simply uploaded to the Instagram platform, or an Instagram-version of a current TikTok trend.

With that said, Instagram Reels are not any less engaging than TikTok!

Users enjoy the content equally and many small business owners are seeing great organic reach from posting them.

Plus, depending on your demographic, you may reach more of your target market on Instagram than on TikTok (something our team can help you determine!).

Facebook Reels

Facebook Reels came out shortly after Instagram Reels did, and their parent company, Meta, has successfully integrated the two media forms.

You can share Instagram Reels to Facebook, or you can post Facebook Reels directly from your Facebook page.

Because they are owned by the same parent company, you have all the tools at your disposal to take advantage of the reach of both mega platforms with one singular video.

We’ve had success publishing videos on all of these platforms! You can check out some of our best short video case study results.

What our Short Video Management Service Looks Like

When you sign up for our short video management services, you will be onboarded with an Account Manager who will be with you every step of the way.

In addition to having you fill out an in-depth questionnaire about your business, we will also hop on the phone to get to know your company as intimately as possible.

The more we know about what you sell, why you sell it, how you sell it and who you sell it for, the better we can do our job.

After your onboarding call, we get to work! The initial phase involves a lot of research on our end.

We put together a competitor analysis for you as well as a customer avatar.

That allows our team and yours to be on the same page as to who the target market is that we’re going after as well as who we are up against.

In that time we will also brainstorm content ideas, research trending audios and songs, establish a calendar and give you step by step instructions on what you need to film.

After you’ve filmed the video, you’ll hand it back to us so we can edit it appropriately depending on which platform you’re utilizing, and we’ll publish it!

Some ongoing services we provide from there include regular monitoring, fostering of engagement and reporting.

We’re also available for consultation calls throughout each month in between reports because we want all of our clients to know exactly what’s going on with their campaign at all times as well as feel free to ask us any questions they may have.

Short video marketing is only as effective as the work you put into it.

Small business owners are not going to see top results if they’re throwing up random videos that did not come to fruition as a result of sincere research and planning.

The work or know-how that is necessary to publish successful short videos is often what intimates small business owners and prevents them from diving in and publishing short videos on their own.

That’s why our clients seek us!

So, Are You Ready to Hit Play On Short Video Management?

Video is no longer an option; it’s a mandatory piece of the marketing puzzle if you want to see success in today’s world as a business owner.

Short video in particular is a quick and easy way to jumpstart your growth and start sending some traffic your way- IF it’s executed correctly.

If you want to see viral results, skyhigh views and consistent engagement, then you want digital marketing professionals guiding you every step of the way.

Seeing success with short videos is about more than just posting a fun TikTok trend.

You have to consider who your target market is and what they care about, what your competitors are doing well vs what they’re doing poorly, what new features the social media platforms have put out and so much more.

A short video management company is going to take all of that off your plate and perform all this research for you.

So if you have been wanting to get started with short videos but haven’t known where to start or have felt overwhelmed and unable to start, then contact us today and we’ll help you get set on the right path to short video success with our short video management services.

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