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Reap the benefits of short video ads without the stress of doing it yourself!

Take the confusion and stress out short video advertising like TikTok ads and Instagram ads, and let LYFE Marketing handle it all for you!

We keep up with all of the trends, challenges and audios so you don’t have to.

That way, you get to experience all of the brand exposure, traffic and more that short videos can bring without fussing over the strategy or logistics.

As a small business owner, you wear enough hats as it is. Let us wear the marketing cap.

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What Do Short Form Videos Look Like?

What Do Short Form Videos Look Like?

To understand what short video ads look like, you first need to understand what short form videos are in today’s digital landscape. Short form videos include vertical videos that are usually 60 seconds or less and they can be funny, educational, inspirational, engaging and more. The most common short video formats are TikToks, Instagram Reels and Facebook Reels. Some of you may be super familiar with those, and some of you may feel intimidated by how unfamiliar you are with those media types. Either way, our services can meet you where you are and bring value to the table. Brands have been blowing up using short form videos because they can generate a lot of reach organically on their own! That’s why when you put advertising dollars behind them, it’s like a one-two punch in your marketing! So on that note, let’s answer the question…

What Do Short Video Advertising Services Entail?

Like we mentioned, we can run short video ads on platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. Upon onboarding, we will determine which platforms make the most sense for your business given who your demographic is and where they spend the majority of their time online. While we advise that you take the actual footage for optimal success and brand authenticity, we will provide thorough instructions on exactly what to film. Once we have the video, we will edit it and put it together in a way that meets industry standards. From there we will run it as a digital advertisement on the agreed platform! This means instead of just posting the video to your profile, we will put the video in front of targeted people across the app for an ongoing period of time with your allocated budget If you ever feel like people would love your product if they could just see it or know about it, this is the way to get it in front of them.

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Benefits of Short Video Ads

Reach your target market by the masses

Increased brand exposure and brand recall

Put your product directly in front of your target market

Increase brand authority via followers and engagement

Keep your audience engaged with today’s preferred media type

Drive traffic from social media to your website

Convert that traffic into sales or leads

Are You Ready To Take Your Brand To The Next Level with Short Video Advertising Services?

As a small business owner, we know first-hand how many hats you wear. Let us take one off your plate!

Whether you’re a solopreneur right now, or are slowly but surely starting to build a team around you, we know how much goes into getting a business off the ground.

Oftentimes, hiring an experienced, full time marketer in-house just isn’t an option yet! That’s where a team like LYFE Marketing can come into play.

We are an affordable, full-service digital marketing agency with a mission to help small businesses grow.

Videos are not just the way of the future- they’re the way of the PRESENT! If you’re not already utilizing short videos in your marketing strategy, you’re already behind the competition!

Short videos are the preferred media type by customers, and therefore they’re the best way to deliver advertisements to your audience!

Organic short video management services alone can help increase your followers and brand exposure by the thousands, and short video advertising only adds to that explosive growth!

And if you’ve given thought to your marketing funnel, you know that top-of-funnel followers, engagement and social media exposure ultimately lead to bottom-of-funnel website traffic, leads and sales.

So if you’re ready to tap into the billions of customers on social media who log on everyday in a buying mindset with strategy short video ads, contact us today!

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