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How much does Social Media Advertising Cost in 2022?

The average cost of social media advertising is based on two things. First, your ad budget. Second, the cost of your time. Our services are here to provide you with expert help by optimizing your social media ad campaigns and saving you time while doing so. That’s a double win for you.

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Quality Services in Competitive Price

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Traffic & Social Media Advertising:

Our social media advertising costs leverage the cheapest and most targeted form of advertising available to increase your website traffic. We will increase your traffic by launching an advertising campaign. This advertising campaign will target members of your target audience, which may include your email contacts, website visitors, lookalike audiences, or specific demographics of your customers.

Increase Traffic From Social Media Advertising

Not all traffic is useful for your business, and that is why we focus our efforts on getting you high-quality traffic for your site. These visitors are more likely to click on your ads, view your site, and follow-through on calls to action from your business. You will come out with more qualified leads and direct sales than before. So if you want to get a boost in quality traffic to your site, we are the very best. We have helped our clients reach over 7 million people, and we can help your business see great results too!

Boost Conversions With Optimized Content

Increase conversions by driving relevant traffic to conversion-ready pages. We will install conversion-tracking on all advertisements to accurately measure return on investment. This will allow us to identify which advertisements are reaching the most people and driving the most conversions. In addition, we will look at other metrics to determine which ads are performing the best and which audiences are responding to your ad campaigns more. By monitoring your brand reach, engagement, and other valuable metrics, we can optimize your ad campaigns for better results. We have helped our clients get over 200,000 ad clicks, and with our help, you can boost conversions within your audience.

Lead More Loyal Customers To Your Platforms

Our goal is to help you go above and beyond your goals, and we accomplish that by encouraging your social media followers to move along your sales funnel. We will create content that engages users and makes them interested in what your business offers. Your ads will be highly targeted, and attract the consumers that are the most likely to follow through on calls-to-actions, and later, the purchasing process. All of this contributes to a good business-consumer relationship, which will drive previous buyers to stick with your business and make repeated purchases.

Custom Pricing. Value Packed Pricing.

We offer flexible pricing on our advertising services, so you can get exactly what you need. We are built with small businesses in mind, and we can help you navigate your campaigns within any marketing budget.

Management Fee

Our social media management pricing ranges from $500-$1000 per month on average. This price varies based on the amount of channels and posts we are managing for you. Please note that this price is our fee to perform services on your behalf. It does not include any advertising dollars to run paid ads on social media. It compensates us for the time it takes to manage your campaign. You will have a well-trained and experienced social media manager assigned your account who will run your campaign and report the results directly to you. The value of this service is that it will save you time, money, and allow you to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Advertising Dollars

While we implement organic approaches for your social media strategy to build your followers and social engagement, you may elect to allocate an advertising budget to expedite this process and grow faster. We do not bill you for your advertising budget, but will develop and manage your advertising campaign. We recommend spending at least $150 on any paid advertising campaign to build followers or engagement. However, typically the more you spend, the more results you will get. We have many clients who spend thousands of dollars in follower and engagement-focused ads. We will consult you through this process once you sign-up with us.

Set Up Fee

There is a one-time setup fee of $150 associated with our social media management service. This fee compensates for the time to set up your campaign for service. It includes setting you up in our analytics software, social media systems, and creating any necessary advertising accounts and social media pages.

Advertising Across The Best Platforms


With over 2 billion users, Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. The size of this audience alone makes Facebook a prime location for promoting your business. But even beyond that, the platform is built to generate a lot of growth for business pages that use it. There are multiple spaces for advertisements, as well as built-in analytics tools that can help you monitor your progress over time. For example, Facebook Ads Manager can help you develop targeted ad campaigns, set specific audiences and budgets, and monitor their metrics all in one place. When you work with our Facebook advertising agency, you will be able to use Facebook to the fullest, and save a lot of money while doing so.


Instagram’s most notable characteristic is its use of images. And your business can provide a strong look at what you do, what you offer, and why you’re better than your competition. Research shows that 75% of active Instagram users have used the app to buy products online. And Instagram has taken more steps overtime to provide business owners with in-app tools for businesses to promote themselves, including boosted pos1ts, IGTV, and Instagram Shopping. So whether you’re an eCommerce shop showing off product photos or a service company posting infographics, there are big opportunities awaiting you with Instagram ads! And our Instagram advertising company can help you with that.


Are you a B2B company wanting to connect with other B2B companies? Then LinkedIn is the platform for you! With the help of our LinkedIn advertising agency, you can reach other business professionals who are looking for the exact services you provide. 94% of B2B companies market themselves on LinkedIn, so that means you have a wide audience already available to you. And with high-quality content and precise targeting, you will see more qualified leads, more clicks on your ads, more website conversions, and a higher return on investment. Nobody knows LinkedIn ads like we do, so you can trust that we will get you the best results possible for your advertising campaign.


Videos have proven to be the most engaging type of content across social media channels, so why not advertise on a platform built around them? YouTube is one of the largest web platforms in the world, and there are a ton of advertising opportunities on the site. Whether it is side-of-the-page display ads, or ads set within video posts themselves, you can reach a huge audience. Plus, a lot of YouTube ads are created with calls-to-action in mind. It is easier to get your goals across in a short video than it is to fully engage and entice in one image ad. And since YouTube is the place for videos, you can generate more views, capture the attention of more potential customers, and drive more traffic and sales through your website. And it does not stop there! With our YouTube promotion services, we are prepared to help you out with any and all social media advertisements and platforms. We are dedicated to generating the most success possible for your business, and we want to save you money while we are doing it.

Your Success Is Our #1 Priority.

We are a top-ranked social media marketing agency dedicated to you. We are passionate about providing you with the right tools and strategies needed to jumpstart your business. With LYFE Marketing, you will see a great improvement in the quality of your ad content, lead generating efforts, conversion campaigns, and much more.

But that’s not all! We are not just an advertising company, we are also a full-service digital marketing agency. That means we can handle all of your marketing needs. Whether you need content creation, website design, social media marketing services, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, or anything else in this realm, we have got you covered! Our team of expert marketers and strategists will help you develop an effective marketing strategy based around your goals, implement the necessary components, assist with monitoring benchmark metrics, and optimize your results. If you want a company that can help you generate higher brand awareness, engagement, return on investment, and more, then give us a call!

Complimentary hosting worth $299 on your first assignment.

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Shyne Marketing is a Social Media Marketing Agency dedicated to the growth and success of its clients and community. We appreciate all of your support over the years and look forward to more opportunities to help you shine!


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