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Why Are Video Animation Services Important?

Impress your audience and drive results with animated video production services.

Did you know that 95% of viewers actually retain the message that they see in a video? If you are looking for a means of marketing your business that will really connect with people, then you should look into video marketing. Videos give your audience a better chance to remember your brand and message than static images or text do.

When making videos for your business, animations can be a great asset. Animations make messages and information easier to consume, and they also often help with the overall flow of the video. These short animations are perfect for illustrating a point regarding your product or the service you provide. The problem is that not everyone can create animations that look professional or fit within your branding guidelines.

That’s where SHYNE Marketing can help you in creating professional videos with the right sort of animations to carry your message to your audience.

How Video Animation Services Can Help Your Business Grow

So, how can video animation services help your business grow? For starters, video is a really popular form of content.

Worldwide users view more than 1 billion hours worth of videos every day, and with over 5 billion daily views on YouTube, YouTube has become the second most popular website on the internet. Clearly, there is a desire among online users to consume video content.

Many business owners make the mistake of focusing on what they sell, but when you address the needs of your target market, it will grab the right viewer’s attention and encourage them to purchase.

An agency like LYFE Marketing can help paint your product or service as the solution to your target market’s pain points or goals using video animations.

We specifically use video animations for our clients because of its ability to cut through digital noise and achieve our clients’ goals of increased ROI.

What’s digital noise? Outside of the content your competitors are producing, the internet in general is filled with so much content. We just mentioned previously how there are billions of hours of video views every day. How is your content standing out?

Using videos to market your business has proven to be an effective tool to reach your target audience by the masses. Specifically, animations are a great addition to your videos to build brand recognition with such a vast viewing audience. With branded animations, people will begin to recognize right away if a video is from you.

So video animations can help you tap into a vast audience and increase your brand awareness, but how do they help with sales?

It’s important to note that 90% of consumers claim that videos helped them in making the decision to make a purchase. Using video animations effectively can help you bridge that gap to turn social media followers, website visitors and others into paying customers.

So what do we mean when we say “effective” video animations? We mean videos that directly address a pain point or goal your target audience may have.

It’s our job to produce a video for you that will cut through all the noise to A) get your ideal customer’s attention and B) keep it long enough to make them an engaged viewer and ultimately a closed customer. Beyond just using videos, we’ve seen that animation video production is specifically a great way to accomplish those two goals.

One example that we see works well a lot is a whiteboard video animation. Whiteboard video services make amazing explainer videos. A whiteboard animation video is a form of animation that can convey a lot of information and be visually appealing at the same time.

We work with your end goal in mind, and can utilize different animation techniques as needed. Whether you want a sales promotion video or corporate videos, we’ll work around your animation needs. We’re no ordinary video animation company, because we have the background that can provide you with the best and most effective videos possible.

Overall, the goal behind animated video production services is to accomplish these three things:

Capture the attention of people within your specific target market

Engage them, make them aware of your brand and establish trust in your brand, moving them through the sales funnel

Convert them into a paying customer

In order to successfully achieve those goals, you need an expert at the helm of your video marketing campaign: someone who can execute an effective video from concept to creation to implementation.

This is where SHYNE Marketing’s video animation services can help you. We have experienced specialists when it comes to crafting videos that include animation. We’ve benefited from creating and marketing animation videos both for ourselves and for our clients, and we’re confident we can do the same for you.


Depending on your budget and who your target market is (among other variables) we would be able to suggest which platforms would be most cost-effective to promote your video on. Overall, a digital marketing team like LYFE Marketing can help create and advertise a video animation that’s optimized to generate the most results at the lowest cost per result possible.

The other aspect to consider is the cost of creating the video animation itself. Video animations in general tend to not only be more effective, but also more cost-efficient to create! Think of the labor and time spent shooting a live-action video versus creating a video animation? You use less resources creating the latter and thus it usually comes at a lower expense to the business owner.

The further you can reduce your animated video cost, the more you will see in your return on investment!

We Offer Quality Services

While generating sales is the goal, we want to generate them at a low cost. It wouldn’t make sense for your business to generate sales at a higher cost than the sale is worth! That’s why we don’t just look at conversions, we look at your conversion value. What’s your return on investment?

When videos are used in advertising and other marketing outlets, it’s important to measure the ad spend on the video versus the money made from it. The average animated video cost varies depending on the platform you’re advertising on, the audience you’re advertising to and the price bracket of your product or service.

Our Video Animation Services’ Best Practices

So what are the best practices that we use for our video animation services? Here are a few of them:

The Right Colors

We make sure that we use the right colors that match your branding guide, your business and the industry that you are in. Outside of your logo color scheme, there is a great deal of psychology behind the selection of colors. We consider various options with your video animation until we have landed on what we are sure will work best.

High Resolution

We use high resolution images and videos in all of our animations to make them look clear and professional. Remember that people remember more of what they see in a video than what they read or see in a static image; make sure they remember a positive, professional brand and nothing less!

Professional Editing

When it comes to video animations, editing can make or break the video. Together, we may have an amazing idea and concept for the video, but that won’t matter if the execution of the video distracts from the message. We’ll make sure that your animation is smooth and your sound effects fit with the material. Our professional video editing techniques are aimed to promote and enhance the message of your video.

Why Is SHYNE Marketing’s Video Animation Services Different From Others?

Complete Digital Marketing Experience

As we mentioned earlier, video animation is not our only specialty. We’re not just an animation agency, we’re also a full service digital marketing agency that can provide you with a complete digital marketing experience. We offer everything from SEO and content marketing to social media, website design, Google advertising and more. So, if you’re looking for someone to handle your digital marketing from start to finish, there’s no need to turn anywhere else.

A Wide Experience

We’ve worked with many different clients from various industries over the years. How has that helped us? How does that benefit you? That experience has taught us that there is no single approach that works for everyone. While we always utilize best practices, we know that each client has a special set of needs and that’s why we will create a strategy that’s unique to you.

SHYNE Marketing Specialists

When we say that we will handle your video animation services, we mean that. We have experienced specialists to work on your project, meaning you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want to be. No matter what your business needs, our animation production process is built around you. Our clients are hardworking small business owners; we are here to handle your marketing and creative needs so that you can focus on what you do best!

We Believe in Unlimited Quality and Act in Our Work

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Shyne Marketing is a Social Media Marketing Agency dedicated to the growth and success of its clients and community. We appreciate all of your support over the years and look forward to more opportunities to help you shine!


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